26 September 2012

::weekend at home::

A funny thing happens south of the Mason Dixon. State lines in the Midwest begin to blur, and people ask you things like: where is Indiana? Is that next to Iowa? Are you far from Kansas? Are you Amish?

Not joking. All real questions I've received.

The hardest thing for people to understand, though, is the weather. No one ever believes me that the summers in Indiana are nearly as hot as they are in Georgia, and the winters are just a touch less brutal than those in Michigan. The best way I can explain the Indiana climate is that it has incredibly true seasons: hot summers, cold winters, balmy springs and crisp falls.

And this weekend was the perfect example of a crisp Indiana fall. I journeyed back home for a little visit, and although I was slightly shocked by the low temperatures when I stepped off the plane in my jorts, it was the perfect weather for our weekend activities. From dinners out, to spiced pumpkin frappes from Eagle Creek, a house warming party at Jor's beautiful new home, pumpkin picking and lots of walks around the neighborhood, it was just what I needed.



  1. I love that I fully know what you're talking about now that I have experienced eagle creek coffee myself. The jar where you can just pay for your own coffee is obviously my favorite part.

    Phew, glad you were able to find parking in downtown zville!

  2. ahhh soooo much love for muff and dave! and great pumpkins too!!

  3. i miss the close! AND my family!!!!

  4. I didn't realize that Indiana had such extremes with the weather! Glad you had a great weekend. I'll stick with my New England weather, although it's supposed to be a cold one this year..

  5. Nothing beats being home! Pumpkin picking- ow fun!

    PS: you and me both with the Tiffany bag...wish $ grew on trees ;)


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