12 November 2012

we're going to ethopia! // get set, let's go!

That's right, my friends! You, me and all 67 beautiful, wonderful people who donated to my charity : water campaign are riding our dollars all the way to Ethiopia, where they're digging
well loved // one tri : one well!
I was so excited to receive an email last week, detailing the campaign's progress. In 18 months a town in Ethiopia will have clean water for the first time, and will hang up their jerry cans filled with dirty water forever. Yes - forever.
I was overwhelmed when we reached $5,000 and now I am even happier as I watch the real action begin to take place. I can only imagine how I will feel when the well is complete - all thanks to your amazing support. I will be sure to update you on progress. :) thank you!

Appropriately enough, today charity : water launched its holiday campaign. And it's ahhmazinggg. Watch it below - I've already played it a bajillion times/am just listening to it on repeat.

Are you ready?
Get set, let's go!
images - some from Ethiopia!


  1. AMAZING!!! This is so excited and such wonderful news! So proud of you, Whitney!

  2. This video may me smile from start to finish. So proud of you, Whit!

  3. omg i love this video!! lets do something crazy together and raise money for another well. are you ready?


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