13 November 2012

yesterday ethiopia, today vegas

...but this time for real. 

I'm headed to Vegas for work for the first time ever. I've had a long-standing obsession with the city because of the show, Las Vegas, which was only marginally popular in real life, but wildly popular in my mom and mine. I'm still hoping for a reunion season. 

I get back Thursday night, then leave Friday for Denver to see Ash and Court. Sunday, I get home from Denver, then leave Tuesday for Indy. I'm all packed for the three whirlwind trips and can't wait to get in the air. 

Here's to hoping for three sunny cities!! 


  1. Las Vegas is one of the most underrated shows ever. I am still obsessed with it (mainly because of Josh Duhamel...) and watch the reruns on TNT allllll the time.

    Have fun on all your travels!!

  2. HAVE SO MUCH FUN! I went to Vegas for work, but was only there for 36 hours and am dying to go back. We were there in August and the heat was intense, but I love the heat. Just make sure you drink a TON of water. The air there just zaps the life out of you :)


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