23 January 2013

Sunday Funday DIY

 In high school, I could get down with a can of spray paint.
And by that, I obviously mean every fall for our homecoming float competition. The smell of spray paint still inevitably reminds me of October evenings, where I’d make the mad dash from cross country to somebody’s barn, where we’d spend hours decorating a flatbed themed around something like Noblesville Schmoblesville.

But, since then, I’ve lost touch with it. That is, until this weekend. Growing up, we had these Adirondack chairs on our front porch. When I moved to Atlanta, I was fortunate enough to bring two of them with me. During the last two years, though, the white washed beauties have become anything but.

See? Sad city.

This weekend I decided the chairs needed a new coat of paint for the new house. After scrubbing them down, I quick dry spray-painted them in about 10 minutes. It would have been faster had I not run out of paint and had to dash up the street to Ace Hardware to buy three more cans. Who knew one can had so little paint?

 Let me tell you, this is a DIY that speaks my language. And by that, I mean quick to complete, minimal detail orientation and instant gratification.

Those high school float days never did spray paint justice. The stuff is magical!

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  1. They look brand new again, turned out great! I just love adirondack chairs :)

  2. Wow these look great, I love when you can do something yourself!

    Ali of:


  3. what a great idea. i recently hired a handyman to work on a fireplace and he told me next time to get spray paint because it's so much quicker and does the job well. you've proved him right!


  4. oh my gosh, using spray paint in the funnest. once it's not freeeezing here, i can't wait to spray paint everything i can get my hands on!!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

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