14 October 2013

this is how we do october // weekend

This weekend was all fall, fall, fall. A bonfire, spiced cider, haunted house, homemade soup kind of weekend. A warm day, cool night kind of weekend. A happy kind of weekend. 

Friday, we celebrated Melissa's birthday. We had friends over for a bonfire (+ s'mores!) in our backyard. We drank cider and ate pumpkin cupcakes and everyone brought a fall brew to share.

It was the third year Mel and I have had birthdays since meeting. It was so fun to look back on the last few years, which have been, undoubtedly, some of the most transformational of our lives. With transient friendships, a variety of boyfriends and all of the emotions that come with each new year, every birthday has looked wildly different. I'm so excited to see what her year ahead holds. 

Saturday, Duke, Sam and I grabbed lunch and then I packed until the cows came home. I'm a really terrible packer because I always just use/wear whatever my mom and sisters bring on trips. They always remember everything. Extra shirt? Check. Shoes? Check. A toothbrush? Check. 

They totally enable me. 

I made a hearty pack list, ran around the house pulling every item I needed together, then sat on my floor in the middle of it all, trying to jam it into a hiking pack, along with 300 Sharpies, clothes for the kids and dental supplies (all of which were donated, so generously!). It was a challenge but, fortunately, I love challenges.

Saturday night I went to a pitch in with some friends. We shared our dishes, sat outside in the perfect weather and talked over the glow of a newly carved pumpkin.

After that, all of us went to Containment, the new haunted house at Atlantic Station. Guys. I can't even. It was so scary. I love scary things, so I was really happy about this. But it was probably the scariest haunted house I've ever been to. 

{photo taken pre-scare}

Sunday, I woke up with hot yoga and Robyn's vegan gluten free buckwheat pancakes. After that, I made meals for the week, including soup and a new pesto recipe (to share later!). I love slow Sundays, when the house is clean and smells delicious. 

After that, Abby came over to go for a walk and to get iced coffee. We sipped our coffees on the porch and talked in the glorious fall weather. Fall just beggggs for iced coffees in the sunbeams, don't you think? 

Sunday night, I went to church with Duke and Sam, then they came over to eat up the soup. Between a great church service, warm food and good conversation, I was filled to the brim. 

After that, I crashed into bed, with visions of Africa dancing in my head. Three days, friends!

What did you do this weekend? I hope it was the best!


  1. Whitney I am SO SO SO SO SO excited for you! You're doing something that dreams are made of :)

    BTW are you on Instagram?? If so, find me @keithawynn

  2. I prefer my haunted houses more silly than scary, for myself. But I love spiced cider, I haven't had any yet this season!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend :)

  4. sounds like an absolutely perfect fall weekend, and what a weekend to leave on before africa!!!

  5. It sounds like you had the best weekend! have you tried the Blue Moon pumpkin ale? It's delicious :) I don't know if I can handle the super scary haunted house though - I would freak out!

    1. I haven't tried it but that sounds amazing! :)

  6. Mmmmm cider and pumpkin cake sound amazing! I can't wait for the weather to actually start feeling like fall in Texas!

  7. perfect bday party and weekend! really really!


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