25 November 2013

monday roundup // we gettin there

I'm thankful for other bloggers who are saying great things on this Monday, when my mind is too hyper about going home to think up a solid post...

Get inspired
10 Ways to do Adulthood Well  - this is my jam.

Get healthy
Intuitive Exercise - great read 
Should is a warning sign - ain't it the truth.

Get happy
The Best Viral Videos We Found This Week - :) love Kid President. Love #9.
Three sisters coming home video - melts my heart. And makes me yearn for my two sisters.
Foods of the U.S. Ranked and Mapped. What Does Your State Eat?

Get gifty
DIY gift guide from Lauren Conrad - I don't DIY, but that shouldn't hold my friends back

And now, it's almost time to go home and get thankful! :) 


  1. I think your "make it pop like pink champagne" may be my new life motto! Love that!! Great gift guides too! Happy holidays!

  2. Well, this post has put an end to all productivity I had left in me for the week. Perfect for Thanksgiving Eve's Eve! love ya rooms!!

  3. I love the "Make it Pop like Pink Champagne" I also think that oxblood/dark red skirt looks great!! I am always wearing homemade short skirts like those and looking for new patterns textures to make into skirts.

    Andrea Fer


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