12 February 2014

breathe in

It's cold here again today and I do say this isn't quite the winter Georgia boasted when I decided to move south. But if there's one thing in life we surely can't control it's the weather, so bundle up we will!

I was at home yesterday for fear of another snowpocolpyse and it was one of those lovely work from home days where I got so much done that I kind of wanted to do a happy dance at the end of the day. I love productivity so. 

Yesterday when I was journaling, I wrote that lately in life I'm feeling really content. I know there will be time for highs and time for lows in the future, but for right now, a deep sigh of content is washing over me and I feel really grateful for it.

It might have to do with a few great things, including making an effort to do my quiet time in the morning. Something about it makes me feel so much more relaxed during the day - more focused, less stressed. Also, I have a new electric toothbrush that I basically am obsessed with. I hesitated to buy it because of the price, but holy smokes it was so worth it. My teeth feel so clean!

So yes, a little more still in the mornings and a little bit cleaner teeth. It doesn't take much to make this girl happy, it seems. 

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying life in Atlanta, and that all is well!! That elusive sense of contentment, I feel like I'm striving for it every day, in the sense that I'm trying to enjoy being in the moment and being thankful for all that is well in my life.

    Ok and seriously, how do you do it all? I have always secretly suspected that you were wonder woman, with all that you have going on in your life! Any productivity tips that you can share? I'd love to see a post on that!

    Stay warm!


    1. HA! Def don't do it all. But that's a great idea for a post :) I'll think on this.

  2. Having productive days and happy days are truly the best. Even when I wake up and realize I'm excited about the banana bread for breakfast (small things, small things) or hanging out with my friends, it's good.

    1. I so agree! It really is the little things:)

  3. Hi Whitney! I just wanted to let you know that I adore your blog and I feel like we would be friends if not for the fact that you are in Atlanta and I'm in Wisconsin :) Your posts always resonate with me and I like this one in particular as I'm realizing that it's the little things in life and the journey that counts. Have a great week!


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