13 February 2014

our snow day

Because, as it turns out, winter ain't over.

We're going on day three of working from home, day two of being iced in and by 5 p.m. yesterday, cabin fever was in full swing.

The remedy? A cold run on the icy, empty streets with Chris.

Followed by walking to When it Rains it Pours at Park Tavern.

Where we met up with friends and brothers

And stared at our fair city, distant and hazy in the pouring snow.

And eventually made our way home for some night sledding on Melly's old school toboggan. 

As for today, more snow coming down and streets still icy. As for next week? In the 60s. What a wild winter it is, I tell ya!

Hope you're warm and cozy today! 

PS: I think this video resonates with most of America this winter. Jesus make it warrrm!


  1. Snow in Georgia!!!!! Wowzers. You ARE still in GA right???

  2. Seriously, this winter!! One minute I'm cooped up for days at a time, the next I'm wearing tank tops. I'm just grateful we were all a little more prepared this time around- thank goodness!

  3. So. Over. Winter.

    On another, completely unrelated note, I had a totally random dream the other night that you got engaged....haha! Dreams are the weirdest. But in my dream you were happy, I was happy for you, and it was happiness all around.

  4. I'm so glad you commented on my blog so that I could discover yours!! I'm from Georgia (Newnan), and I love reading about your adventures in Atlanta. All of the snow down there looked crraaaazy! My mom was completely snowed in. I was mostly just glad she didn't get stuck in the mess that was the highways and interstates in Atlanta! I hope you didn't, either.

    ps - that video was all sorts of adorable!


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