15 April 2014

a spring weekend in atlanta

I love Atlanta weekends. They're so full of possibility and endless happiness

This weekend included some house cleaning to start Saturday off right, followed by a whole lot of jam-packed goodness:

Melly and Stacie's Salvage Market vintage show.

A bridal shower for Abby.

A pig roast for Katherine.

A going away brunch for Mary Jo at 246 in Decatur.

Brunch turned into a pool afternoon and afternoon patio margaritas.

Sunday night dinner made by Chris and an attempt at watching Game of Thrones (what the heck is this show?!).

I hope your weekend was lovely! 


  1. Love the effect on the images and especially beautiful dress. Quite Carrie Bradshaw :)

    Sophie x


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  3. The Game of Thrones comment just cracked me up--everyone at my job AND my boyfriend are trying to get me to watch it...is it any good? Also--a pool and margarita kind of evening sounds like JUST my kind of afternoon!! I love it!!

    Andrea Fer, Not Quite Grown Up Guide


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