22 April 2014

that time we slept in a treehouse!

As much as I love traveling on the weekends, there's something so sweet about staying in Atlanta. Especially in the spring.

This past weekend Chris and I celebrated his birthday. I surprised him by booking a night in a treehouse in Buckhead. I was pretty nervous the day of - it was unusually chilly, rainy and I suddenly began to worry about if he'd actually think it was fun to stay in a treehouse, or if that was just something I thought was fun. 


But, it couldn't have turned out better. The treehouse was amazing - truly majestic and so serene. It was surreal to know I was only 15 minutes from my house but felt a world away. It sits in someone's backyard, but the foliage is so thick this time of year that it felt completely secluded - like we were in our own world. It's covered with a tin roof, which made the rain sound beautiful, and the bed has a heated blanket so being cold was not a concern. 

We had so much fun eating (lots of food!), talking, drinking wine (they give you a free bottle!), opening presents and sleeping in the woods. [If you're interested in staying in the treehouse, I'm happy to provide more details. I also have this $25-off referral code. It's really kind of like glamping.]

{Do we look refreshed? That's what an evening away from civilization will do.}

Other weekend highlights include going to a dog show with Chris to cheer on his dad. 

Eating dinner with his parents at Treehouse (yes - a double treehouse weekend!). 

Church and Easter brunch at H Harper Station with my brothers and dear friend, Megan. 

Planting vegetables in the backyard with my brothers (basil, Heirloom tomatoes, jalapenos and red peppers) and praying they don't die. 

Reading and exercising in the glorious Easter Sunday weather. 

And Sunday dinner at Urban Pl8

I hope your Easter weekend was lovely! :)


  1. I'm 100% going to track down one of these bad boys in my area!!

    Sophie x


  2. Well gosh Whit.... now I want to sleep in a treehouse!!!! I don't know if Patrick would be as excited about it as me, but it sounds amazing!!!!! What a perfect weekend :)

  3. I want to go to Atlanta and sleep in that treehouse! So fun!

  4. i've never heard of this treehouse thing you speak of, but i could hop on board with it reallll quickly cause that looks like my kind of thing.

  5. Oh man...now I want to book that treehouse for all special nights...so cool!!! And I love eating at Treehouse, it's only a few blocks away from me!

  6. I keep telling Danny that I have a surprise for him... I have no idea when I''m going to make this happen but I can't wait!!


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