18 April 2014

Good Friday, indeed

Hello, Good Friday! 

I'm off of work today - enjoying a slow morning with coffee, quiet time and the Today show. 

I couldn't be more excited for this weekend. I'm celebrating Chris (his birthday) and Christ (Easter!). That's a lot of celebrating :) 

My brothers and I are debating going to our normal church service or possibly trying out Stone Mountain's Sunrise Service. The thought of hiking to the top of the mountain, enjoying a sunrise service (on the list of one of my favorite ways to spend time with God) and still getting in an early breakfast hits a lot of my favorite things. 

I hope your weekend is full of love, happiness and sunshine!


  1. oh wow, thank you so much for mentioning the sunrise service on top of stone mountain. I didn't know that was happening and it sounds amazing! In fact I might go to the sunrise service and still be able to make the 11:15 service at my church (Mt Paran). Happy Easter!

  2. So first off--I love how you work your faith into your posts, it's very refreshing to see another fellow Christian blogger freely showing her faith!

    And happy Easter season! Did you end up going to the Sunrise Service?

    Andrea Fer, Not Quite Grown Up Guide


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