12 August 2014

deep breaths in denver

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting my sister, Ashley, in Colorado. 

The weekend was just what I needed: We relaxed on Friday afternoon - catching up and eating outside on her beautiful deck. We ate a good dinner and went to bed early.

We got up at the crack of dawn Saturday so she could [be a baller and] do a triathlon. 

Then we went on a breakfast date just the two of us, during which I, too, feasted like I'd just done a tri. 

Saturday afternoon, we got pedicures, iced Chai lattes and went to a Criterion in downtown Littleton with her boys. 

Saturday night, we feasted on amazing carry out and went to bed early again - tired from our 4:30 a.m. wake up call.

It was absolutely the perfect mix of family time, catching up on sleep and breathing in that fresh mountain air.

Thank you, Ash&Jose, for an amazing weekend! 


  1. It sounds like it was such a refreshing time with your sister and her sweet baby boy- he is too cute by the way! It's so nice to have that one-on-one bonding time too with siblings as you get older as it becomes more rare but is oh so special. Oh, and I would have feasted at breakfast like I had done the tri too- after all, you were being supportive ;)

  2. So so thankful that you were here for this past weekend. The timing couldn't have been better--you were an amazing support for the tri. It was the best. Miss you like crazy.

    1. it was the best and i miss you so much!


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