13 August 2014

fresh harvest review

I'm so excited today to tell you about Fresh Harvest. This is bold: but I think it may be my favorite thing I've ever reviewed. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Fresh Harvest is similar to a CSA but, from personal experience, much better. I loved my CSA, but overall, Fresh Harvest was an even better experience. Here's why...

Why I liked it better than a CSA:

+ You don't have to opt in for a subscription. You can try it one time, or set up weekly deliveries. You aren't locked in, which is a huge perk. 
+ You pick your basket size. With my CSA, I had way too many veggies. Fresh Harvest allows you to pick what you want - from small to large to fruits to meat and everything in between. They understand that food isn't one size fits all.

+ They deliver it to you. Your house, your office - wherever you want. I had mine delivered to my office so it wouldn't get warm outside.
+ They work with tons of local farmers to pack the boxes. Which means if one farm has a bad crop of tomatoes, you're not out of luck. There are a lot of farmers working together to give YOU your items. 
+ They have more than just vegetables. Much more! A bakery, meat, eggs and dairy - to name a few. Essentially, they can be your local grocery store. 

My favorite elements:

+ On Sunday, Fresh Harvest emails you to tell you what you'll be receiving. If you don't want something, you can swap it out for something else - free of charge. 
+ Not going to the grocery! I do.not.like having to go to the grocery on crazy Sunday. It totally hangs over my head all weekend. The fact that I didn't have to go this week was absolutely amazing. 
+ The prices. For significantly higher quality food (local, organic, free-range), the price is almost identical to my weekly Trader Joe's runs. And, by the way, I saved time not going to the grocery. 
+ They threw in free stuff! A sample of sea salted grassfed butter (amazing) and chocolate granola (double amazing). 

+ The peanut butter. HOLYMOLY. It was delicious. If you try a basket, try the PB. Asap. It has sea salt and coconut oil in it. It's unreal.

+ The customer service. The team is awesome. In their words, they are "from the state of Georgia and for the state of Georgia." And it couldn't feel truer. They are here to combat unhealthy eating and do it in the easiest, kindest way possible. I loved they way they communicated regularly, offered to replace anything that wasn't perfect and want to please their customers. 
+ Their FAQ is massive. Which is ideal for someone like me who has a lot of FAQs.

What now?

+ I'm signing up for a subscription. Totally converted over here!
+ Dying to try their coffee. Definitely thinking of adding that on to my next order! 
+ If you are in Georgia, I strongly recommend trying it at least once. You've got nothing to lose. Minus a trip to the grocery, that is! By the way, if you put my name in the referral box, we will both receive a $10 discount.

In exchange for this review, I received one free box from Fresh Harvest, but this review is absolutely my own opinion and I couldn't recommend them more highly!


  1. Bring me that PB! Immediately!

  2. Oh man, I am looking to move to Nashville soon and hope they have something similar, if not, maybe they should expand!

    1. i so agree!!! good luck if you move :)

  3. Whit,
    So glad you were able to give FH a try! As you know, I am a huge fan and have really enjoyed my experience with them. They are such a great team of people are are top notch at what they do. Enjoy that basket of goodness!

    1. i so agree! the customer service is awesome!

  4. I totally agree! I love that I can customize each basket based on what I need for the following week (or what I'm craving!), and everyone I've dealt with at the company has been awesome. I love when local companies like this not only have great offerings but are wonderful people to give business to :-)

  5. Ooooh this sounds awesome! The concept is so great - nothing worse than going to the grocery store on Sundays... I can't even with Trader Joe's!!!

    1. hahaha the parking lot alone is a task!

  6. That sounds like such an awesome service and that's so cool that for free-range, organic foods that the prices were similar to TJs! So impressed! And that nut butter sounds delicious!

  7. i hope they expand to california!!

  8. FH is the best!!!!! make sure to try their cheeses and eggs too... AMAZING!!!! oh and when blackberries come around again GET THEM. I love that we are all supporting local GA farmers

    1. OHHH i so will! I love supporting the GA farmers, too!


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