30 September 2014

carolina weekend

This past weekend, Chris, Melly and I drove to Clemson to meet friends for the UNC game. We rented an adorable lake house in Seneca and drove in to campus to tailgate and go to the game.

It was my first actual Southern football game (I've tailgated before but never gone in. Not quite sure how I made it four years without attending one!) and it was so much fun. They are truly a production!

From the company to the weather, the weekend was absolutely perfect. Minus a Tarheel loss, that is!

PS: Right before the game I snagged this dress from Anthro on a major sale. It's not online anymore but if you're looking for a good fall dress, look for it in stores. I kept calling it a naked dress because it's so light and airy. :)

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  1. This sounds like such a fun weekend!! I've never done the tailgating/football game thing because my school didn't have a football team. But it sounds like a great experience! And that dress is sooo cute!


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