06 October 2014

today is important.

I blogged a few weeks back about hurrying and the importance of waiting. But, in retrospect, I think I missed something. I still believe what I said - that we need to enjoy the present to the fullest. That there is beauty in the waiting. 

But something I missed is this: 

what if right now is it? 

Not in a negative way; but in the sense that sometimes I think we're so focused on (1) the next phase or (2) trying to be patient while we wait for the next phase, that we forget that right now is amazing.

If I am fully, painfully honest, I'll admit that sometimes, I find myself waiting for marriage. And for living closer to all of my family. And to build my own family. I am waiting, in a sense, to grow out of this singles phase of my 20s and begin the next chapter. 

My heart feels ready for it and I put a lot of energy into trying to enjoy now and wait patiently and quietly for what's next.

But am I looking at it wrong? Should I be less focused on being patient and more on fully exploring and loving right now? Should I be less worried about building for later and instead embrace the present for all it is?  Should I stop looking at it as "developing patience" and a "waiting phase" and instead look at it as life right now?

What if, right now, this was it? What if it was exactly as far as your romantic relationship, or lack thereof, living situation and job would advance? What if today was as far as those things would go? Would you live the same way?

I don't think I would. I think I would be more relaxed and less concerned about pressing forward. I would enjoy it more fully and wholly. 

I understand there is a very fine line - a balance to figure out. It's important to be intentional and forward thinking. I get that and I very much believe in it. But I think sometimes we're so worried about what is next and next and next that we can't appreciate how much right now matters.

This phase of our 20s matters. 

Being single is important. Dating is important. Being married without kids is important. These phases develop and prepare us. 

The jobs we have right now are important - whether we like them or not, they are giving us personal capital for later in life. They are developing us. 

The things we are doing right now are not things we should do with our heads down, gritting our teeth and staying quiet. They shouldn't be phases we're just trying to get through so we can get to the finish line, the aisle, the delivery room, the promotion - whatever it is you're waiting for. No. Nothing is wasted.

This life we're living right now, today, will grow us and shape our futures in the best way possible, if we let it. 

Today is about learning to love where we are, valuing it for all its worth and letting it shape us into the adults we're becoming. Today is valuable and important. Today is beautiful. 


  1. thanks for this post! such a good reminder to be present even if you're waiting for something to come along. because you never know what will or won't happen in the future!

  2. You are spot on as always - it can be so hard to just sit back and really enjoy TODAY for all that it is, but there is so much to be thankful for and to be learned from today that it is so important :)
    --Kelly (www.peachtreeroadies.com)

  3. Love this- I needed this reminder!!

  4. Oh Whitney, preach it girl. I hear you so loudly on this one. I'm trying to figure out how to show up with joy while waiting. I can wake up every morning declaring, "Carpe Diem!" but it's the little things each hour that add up to a day well spent. Sometimes I succeed, but often I fail miserably. Being present is hard work for those who love to dream!

  5. i love you, like a lot.
    is it oct 31st yet?!


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