15 January 2015

30 Questions That Keep You Up at Night in Your 20s

{back before I worried about any of this stuff}

1. Am I saving enough money?
2. What if I hate sitting at a desk?
3. How can I find a job that I'm passionate about?
4. Do I have enough friends?
5. Am I close enough with my friends? 
6. How do I know if I should marry him? 
7. How do I know what a deal breaker is?
8. Am I too high maintenance in relationships?
9. Am I too low maintenance - do I accept too little? 
10. How am I perceived? 
11. Am I going to be single forever?
12. Am I behind? Should I have a house, boyfriend, promotion, more savings?
13. Am I going to be too old when I have kids? 
14. Will I be able to have kids?
15. How can I be social but still save money? 
16. Is this the right career for me?
17. Am I underpaid?
18. What if I never meet someone I want to marry? 
19. Did I pick the wrong career?
20. Should I go back to school?
21. Is it too late to go back to school?
22. How can I avoid divorce?
23. Will I ever have enough money to live the life I want?
24. Is it lame if I want to stay in on the weekends?
25. Do I need more alone time than most people? 
26. Do I go out too much?
27. Do I stay in too much?
28. What if I can't do it?
29. What if things don't work out?
30. Does everyone else understand all this and nobody told me about it?

I don't have answers to all of these questions, but I wanted to put this out there because sometimes you just need someone to normalize your fears. Sometimes, knowing you're not alone in what you're feeling is as good as the worry being resolved.

So if you're like me - a constant ebb and flow of ease and worry moving throughout my mind, I wanted to promise you that you're not alone. The further you get into your 20s, the smaller this list gets. Not necessarily because everything is resolved, but because you become more sure of who you are and more confident that - yes - you can do it. 


  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS! Like you I am in constant eb and flow. I think every single one of these thoughts daily, even the contradictory ones ! haha. I love reading your blog because I feel like we have the same brain. Have a great day, Whitney!

    1. thank you so much! :) i am so grateful for you reading it!

  2. Pro tip...a lot of these don't go away when you hit the big 3-0 :)


  3. Omigosh this list is so spot on-- I've basically thought every single one of these and certain ones still struggle with! I think it's part of what makes the 20s such a confusing time, but so nice that other women are going through it too!

  4. Yes, you are normal :) I feel like I ask myself a lot of the same questions. Glad that you are making me feel "normal" :)


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