03 March 2015

5 Habits of Healthy Couples

I've had the privilege of watching a few of my very best friends get engaged in the last few weeks. As I've done it, I've thought a lot about what makes them strong - what has made their relationship work. Although it is - of course - a compilation of hundreds of things, this is what I've noticed about so many of them:

5 Habits of Healthy Couples

  1. They never stop dating. They take time go on dates and pursue one another. They are comfortable but not complacent. Whether it be cooking together or getting all dressed up, they take time to connect. 
  2. They have shared interests, but also have their own hobbies. It's important to have shared interests and things you want to do together. But I've also noticed the strongest couples have things they do on their own, too. They are not afraid to spend some time apart. They take time to grow as individuals, which makes them stronger as a couple. 
  3. They over-communicate. I don't honestly think you can over-communicate when it comes to relationships. The best couples I know talk, talk, talk to make sure they are constantly on the same page. 
  4. The practice self-care. We are better when we take time to care for ourselves. From getting enough sleep, to eating well, to exercising, we can serve and care for one another better when we are taken care of.
  5. They apologize. Saying the s-word can be really hard, but it's essential in happy relationships. Even when it isn't your fault, you can be sorry. Sorry isn't about blame, it's about how you feel. 

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