29 May 2012

table 2.0

I don't think it's been lost on any of you that my family is a group of do-ers. There's never a lot of sitting going on and last weekend was no exception.

My mom has excellent taste and can visualize what any room needs (seriously). Within hours of arriving at my house, she'd taken one look at our chairless table and figured out exactly what kind it needed.
From there she took on the coffee table - turning it from greyish-brown to green in no time.
Muff efficiency at its finest: pouring the paint onto the table.
Duke, providing moral support. 


  1. how darling!! i love that there were obviously iced coffees involved :)

  2. love it!! missing your tables and YOU!

  3. Hope you had a great time with your family! And of course, the table looks great too. :)


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